Project Profit Academy Bonus

The Man behind Project Profit Academy

Brendan MaceBrendan Mace is a 24 year old native of British Columbia who has been able to rise through the ranks in the world of internet marketing. He has created products such as GENESIS and he currently has a product that is making waves across the board. In the last quarter of 2017, Brendan launched PROJECT PROFIT ACADEMY and this has helped to reshape the playing field in the world of Internet marketing. As with all products, some of the naysayers have tried to discredit this work but we will take a close look at the man behind the project. This will help us to strike the balance of the real value of this product based on his antecedents.

His income generation capacity: Brendan Mace earns an average of $36,000 from his swipes and affiliate promotions. Anyone who knows a thing or two about internet marketing knows that this is no mean feat. Through the Lifetime membership to six figure swipes, people can generate the same results like Brendan with ease. He gives each of his users the access to his 5 emails, 2 Facebook posts and one custom bonus page. Based on the unique design of this system, anyone can legally use Brendan’s copy to market their products.

His creative streak: You can follow a man based on what he has been able to create. One of the things that stand Brendan out is that he has consistently produced A-list offerings into the market. His highest converting landing page is one powerful solution that can help people to make money online. It takes away the complexity about what to do in order to get traffic and what to do in order to hit the sales figures that you desire. Based on Brendan’s expertise, he has worked with different landing pages and he has been able to come up with a solution that generates results without sweat.

His ability to replicate his success in others: Brendan has spent most of his adult life working in the internet marketing niche. This has given him lots of ideas about what people can do in order to hit the right level of success. Brendan has been able to do so much through his Video coaching materials. He shares his knowledge about building a viable online business and he leaves nothing out in his straight to the point presentation. Some have called this the ultimate training package for those who want to do well as online business people but Brendan simply refers to it as his own way to give back to others.

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The Magic touch: The done for you funnel in the Project Profit Academy is something that you may not find in any other range. It gives you access to 100% income from the 30-day long email promotional series. The consistency in reaching your market and sharing things of value with them is something that most products are unable to achieve. You can rise to the highest levels by sticking with this offer that is completely revolutionizing the market.

The other side of the coin

Brendan is not perfect: Just as we know that there are many things that make us tick, there are other things that do not speak so well about us. For example, this product cannot work for those who do not have access to the internet. This was also mentioned in this Project Profit Academy review ( This may seem as a minor issue for those in the developed economies of the world but many individuals are in the under-developed nations. In order to reach as many people as possible, there must be a way to take this product to the masses in other nations of the world.